MMTB Project Group

MMTB Project Group is a real estate boutique based on architectural curation, which stands out for its focus on disruptive and exclusive solutions. It positions itself in the market as a tailor-made service, providing a personalized and detailed approach.


Its origins began with the professional activity of architect Vasco da Cunha in the early 1960s.


Although it is a highly qualified organization, thanks to the excellence of its technical staff and consultants, it preserves a family structure that remains true to its roots, in which the tradition of architecture and consultancy has now reached the third generation.


With more than 2,000 studies and projects carried out, it has a permanent focus on differentiation and innovation in the services provided to its clients.

Functional structure of the  MMTB Project Group:


It is a laboratory of ideas and research, where a creative technical team of excellence researches, debates, studies and develops concepts, studies, projects and structures operations. The development team is accompanied by an Advisory Board that contributes to enriching the work.

MMTB Technical 

It is the technical structure where all the studies and projects created by MMTB Lab are carried out.


As a result of our experience in various geographies, both nationally and internationally, we have a wide network of collaborators, consultants, and specialized companies. These technicians work both on-site and remotely, contributing to the development of projects under the guidance of MMTB Lab and the project managers.

With the aim of boosting the productivity and well-being of our team, we have adopted a hybrid working model, which reflects our commitment to bringing together the best talent, highly motivated to overcome the challenges presented by our clients. We are currently trialing the four-day week, an initiative that is still in the experimental phase.


The legacy of architect Vasco da Cunha in the MMTB Project Group

The history of the MMTB Project Group is intrinsically linked to the emblematic figure and remarkable career of the architect Vasco da Cunha. Born in Angola in 1933, Vasco da Cunha soon found his destiny in the lines and shapes of architecture, a passion that would become the signature of his life and work.

Endowed with exceptional talent, he graduated from the Porto School of Fine Arts with a distinction of 19 marks, a foretaste of the excellence that would define his entire career. At the beginning of his professional journey, his collaboration with masters such as Robert Auzelle and Fernando Távora molded his vision and enriched his practice, providing him with a solid foundation for the vast body of work he would go on to develop, with more than 800 projects that redefined the architectural panorama of Coimbra and beyond.

Vasco da Cunha was a driving force behind the establishment of the Architecture Course at the University of Coimbra, an educational contribution that reveals his commitment to the evolution of the discipline. His leadership extended to holding significant positions, such as Vice-President of the Association of Portuguese Architects and Chairman of the National Supervisory Board of the Portuguese Architects' Association, positively influencing the course of architecture in Portugal.

But Vasco da Cunha's influence was not limited to his work and institutional contributions; it also flourished within his family. Three of his seven children and a granddaughter followed in his footsteps, making architecture a family legacy that continues to this day in the MMTB Project Group.

Our company, now in its third generation of architects, is a living testimony to the principles that Vasco da Cunha established. We are committed to excellence, innovation, and integrity, reflecting Vasco da Cunha's dedication to public service and community enrichment through architecture.

Each MMTB Project Group project is a tribute to Vasco da Cunha's legacy, a fusion of his philosophy with contemporary methods that seek not only to meet the needs of the present, but also to anticipate and shape the future. Our story is written with the same passion and commitment that Vasco da Cunha dedicated to his art, ensuring that his pioneering spirit continues to inspire every space we create, every community we help build and every horizon we dare to explore.



We are committed to offering our clients a One-Stop Shop service, designing high-quality studies and innovative projects. Thanks to our extensive experience we are able to add value to each project, thus guaranteeing full satisfaction and exceeding expectations.


innovation, excellence, and empathy

We are guided by three core values: innovation, excellence, and empathy. These values are at the center of our expertise, the way we interact with clients, partners, and communities, and are the basis of the company's distinctive culture.

•    Innovation is essential to our work. This involves constantly updating our know-how and constantly adapting to new technologies. We are at the forefront, which enables us to explore new concepts and take on challenges. We always maintain a firm commitment to responsibility, ensuring that our quest for innovation makes a positive contribution to society and the environment. 

•       Our commitment to excellence is reflected both in the results we achieve and in the disruptive practices we adopt. We are dedicated to maintaining an ongoing dialogue between our team and clients, which is fundamental to achieving excellence in every project and establishing lasting relationships based on trust. We constantly challenge ourselves and value the human factor that enables us to carry out in-depth analyses and develop rigorous approaches. We cultivate an environment where brainstorming is essential, ensuring that we always achieve the best solutions.

•       Empathy is the foundation of our relationships with clients. We endeavor to deeply understand their needs and aspirations, establishing a solid partnership committed to their success. We adopt a personalized approach to each challenge, working side by side with clients to ensure effective and innovative solutions. Within our team, we cultivate tolerance and respect, valuing diversity as a vital force. Integrating different perspectives and encouraging feedback are practices that enrich and strengthen us. Our actions are guided by integrity and a commitment to honoring the trust placed in us.


The structure of the MMTB Project Group

MMTB Project Group is structured around MMTB Lab, which focuses on innovation and the development of ideas, and MMTB Technical, which is responsible for the technical realization of projects. The team is reinforced by a diversified network of collaborators and consultants, allowing access to a wide range of know-how, synergies, and experiences.


More than 60 years' experience

More than 60 years' experience in mainland Portugal, Madeira, the Azores, Spain, Angola, Brazil and East Timor. More than 2,000 studies, projects, and structured operations, developed by a multidisciplinary team that combines experience and creativity.

A multidisciplinary, experienced, and creative team.


Studies, projects and consultancy

MMTB Project Group is ready to position itself throughout Portugal and internationally, carrying out studies, projects, and consultancy in the following areas:



• Municipal Spatial Planning Plans 

• Urban Projects 

• Urban Studies

• Masterplans

• Allotments



• Strategic City Plans 

• ReUse Plans 

• Tourism planning 

• Commercial Town Planning 

• Preparation of Sectoral Studies 



• Education and Health 

• Public Service Buildings 

• Sports equipment 

• Offices, Retail, Industrial & Logistics 

• Social and affordable housing 

• Hotels and Restaurants 

• Building Rehabilitation 

• Residential 



• Public Equipment (Indoor and Outdoor) 

• Furniture and Equipment



The overall vision of the project leads us to think about and design in detail the furniture and interiors for various environments, such as: Residential, Offices, Clinics, Consultancies, Retail, as well as Hotels and Restaurants.



In our operations, we appoint a «Project Manager» who is responsible for the integrated management of the entire project cycle. This role covers compatibility, analysis, and verification of special conditions, as well as development.



• Creative and innovative insights and the design of unique and differentiating solutions

• Financial consultancy for implementing concepts



• Space Hunting

• Procurement & Placement 

• Economic and Financial Feasibility Studies 

• Cost Analysis



• Design & Sale

• Design & Build

• Structuring Partnerships

• Project Finance

• Structural and Multilateral Funds

• Structuring PPPs

• Fundraising

• Attracting Investors 



• Housing + Equipment 

• Support in the management and promotion of housing co-operatives throughout the property cycle